Reaching out for help - and failing

I'm Sorry... ?? I’m sorry to hear about that She posted about her sick aunt Dying really She hinted at that aspect But wasn’t it already obvious? ‘I’m sorry to hear about that’ They said Sad face emoji She stared at her phone And it’s comments And felt suddenly and overwhelmingly, empty. He texted his ex Again In a variation of detail About his physiological problems Brought about by real life obstacles Or were they just the catalyst For the exaggerated stress He was enduring? He knew As did she That it was long standing issues That had brought him to this juncture Almost to his knees And that’s what he didn’t want To be ground to a halt Nervous breakdown Or whatever the modern term was. ‘I’

Mental Health - The Anxiety Trap

We all suffer in some form, some of the time. So perhaps you, or someone you know, may relate to these. o_d_y_n_e by m_tau / used with permission The Anxiety Trap aka Locked in self Are you having a bad day? Did they say something? Is it the workload? Is it that person? Or is it something else entirely? I’m here if you want to talk Or if you don’t want to talk But need a friendly voice Company / Shoulder. Do you have anxiety or depression? If so, I get it I’m the fucking King It’s been my constant companion You don’t have to explain A thing Instead, say no-thing You don’t have to highlight What’s already there I can see it It doesn’t deserve our focus. I’m here You’re there And it's in the m

Mental Health Month - In the Wallows

A series of what it's like to live with. I offer no quick fix solutions. In the Wallows I sit Slouching really In the tepid gloom Of a season in decline An unflinching force Towards winter A lowly lit room A pathetic metaphor For my fatalistic mood Defeated, it feels By the everyday The alarm chime, the routine to rise The traffic, the commitment The morons whose mistakes Aim to trip us up Our constant guard exhausting The arsehole whose harsh words And selfish actions Taint our worldview And make it all Unnecessarily difficult. And now I’m aware That I’ve gone from I to Us As though I’m speaking for others Universal practices or not Whereas It’s just me here. The battle is very personal And

Mental Health Month - Work Stress

Is your daily grind like this? The Grind Slave to the keyboard Another meeting No different to all the others Listening to someone bitch Having to succumb to the whims Of a person above you That you don’t like Changing the diapers of a 88 year old Answering the phone Making the call Sending that vital email Reading the meter Changing the plug Trying to change the client's mind You need coffee You need lunch You need your daily break You need more drugs For that reoccurring headache. Finally that last hour comes around You sigh as you walk out the door And prepare To follow other routines All the way to bed And back again. This is the life The way it must be So we are led to believe The reaso

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