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The Asshole Theory. Is it accurate?

Hear me out.

20% of all people are arseholes.

Another 20% are pretty great people. They'll help out others. In fact, they'll go out of their way to help others. These people keep society going. They often end up in careers that help others, but not always. And not everyone in those careers are decent either. But still, they're awesome and they balance out the arseholes.

The other 60% are just doing their own thing. They're not arseholes. Nor are they particularly great people but they're not bad. If asked, they'll help someone out. But they won't go out of their way without prompting, unless there's something in it for them, like recognition. They're just focused on themselves.

Some people are just plain stupid. Yet, they still fall into one of those categories.

I've had this theory for about thirty years. Many creatives are great observers. Writers, artists, musicians. A form of philosophy. How else can they reflect society in their art?

It's a theory of generalisation and there will always be exceptions. It also depends on the culture. Some societies are very people/family orientated. Others are more 'it's all about me.' Especially in the West.

China is interesting. It's both family orientated and self-serving. Walking on the streets there, people did not look at each other and would happily walk into you without a glance if you were in their way. (Just try getting off a train or bus without a crush of people wanting to get in first).

It's a little different in the workplace. There's a hierarchy and people behave differently than they may otherwise. Some have agendas. Some will do anything to get ahead. They will kiss arse and betray others. That's the 20%. Still, it's not quite an equitable playing field.

Same with locality. Country vs City. Even the suburbs are different. Example, it's well known that people in the upper class suburbs are less charitable than those in the low socio/economic areas. Yet in the poorer areas is where the most crime occurs. (The poor stealing from the poor).

On the average, across society, the same principle applies.

20 / 20 / 60. What do you think?

This subject must interest me because my two novels are about arseholes and narcissism. Lone Wolf World and Perve.

Love to hear your thoughts on this one!

Great quote but no one listens to advice, much less change themselves.

People cannot escape who they are and will continue to do as they always have,

no matter if they're arseholes or not.


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