Regret  Runs Deep

like a

Bottomless River

Debut novella now FREE!

Copy it directly to your Kindle. Works well.

Revenge, is a dish best served warm.

An Anti-Reality TV short story

All Empires Crumble

10 Mental Health Poems

with original artwork by M. Tau

Short story

One Simple Song

An 8 year old girl creates her first song and 

dedicates it to her sick friend. 6 pgs

The Feel Good Ten

Ten separate inspirational poems on visual backgrounds

The Hopeless Romantic

A man walks alone through the bush reflecting on his lost loves and what to do when he reaches the cliff's edge.

2018 Novella with images PLUS Video below

Audio Book & YouTube versions coming in March 2021

The Streets have the last laugh

Ten vignettes with the theme of the City

Her Death Wish

A young woman contemplates whether her life is worth living.

An epic poem

Pseudo Stars - Companion Piece

Two extra short stories plus the background to each story in the book

Purchase Book HERE

City of Great Large

The story of a village boy, who heads to the big city, but disaster awaits

Nominated for the U.S. Pushcart Prize 2014

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