Regret  Runs Deep

like a

Bottomless River

Debut novella now FREE!

Copy it directly to your Kindle. Works well.

Revenge, is a dish best served warm.

An Anti-Reality TV short story

All Empires Crumble

10 Mental Health Poems

with original artwork by M. Tau

Short story

One Simple Song

An 8 year old girl creates her first song and 

dedicates it to her sick friend. 6 pgs

The Feel Good Ten

Ten separate inspirational poems on visual backgrounds

The Hopeless Romantic

A man walks alone through the bush reflecting on his lost loves and what to do when he reaches the cliff's edge.

Brand new 2018 story with images PLUS Video

Audio Book version coming in 2021

The Streets have the last laugh

Ten vignettes with the theme of the City

Her Death Wish

A young woman contemplates whether her life is worth living.

An epic poem

Pseudo Stars - Companion Piece

Two extra short stories plus the background to each story in the book

City of Great Large

The story of a village boy, who heads to the big city, but disaster awaits

Nominated for the U.S. Pushcart Prize 2014

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