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Anthony J. Langford is a writer of fiction and poetry. He also makes videos and short films. He freelances as a television video editor. His greatest role is as a father.

Anthony grew up by the Goulburn river in country Victoria. It's the setting for his first book, Bottomless River. Many of the poems in Caged without Walls are also from personal experiences. Most of his work is grounded in truth of some form.


He collaborated on a coffee table book, For Your Pleasure, of poems accompanying erotica based art, with Italian Artist Paola Russo.  

Pseudo Stars is a short story collection, with something for everyone.

Allowing a love to die is not murder is a collection of relationship based poetry. His latest book is a novella, A Refugee's Rage, which contains an additional novella, Caught between Love and Loss.

His short play, Three Little Words was performed as part of the Short & Sweet Festival in Sydney in 2018, which he also directed. He directed another play in 2019, The Last Shuffle.

Anthony plans to release his extensive unpublished catalogue, including numerous novels, while continuing to write. His short films will also appear online for the first time. Stay tuned.

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