Final Video - 1960's Adelaide

Nostalgia Video Series No. 10 of 10 1960's in Adelaide In case you missed the previous entries. The order doesn't matter:

It's Not Raining Men but it is Raining - Amen

The life giving beauty of Rain Here in New South Wales, we've been in drought for months, in some places years. It's not as bad in Sydney than in regional areas, yet was so rare to see rain on one particular October day, I rushed out with my camera and ... well, you can see for yourself. I'll take this chance to say I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, a relaxing one and that you are happy no matter how isolated, or surrounded by annoying family members, and loving ones. Peace See you for one more post for the Year.

Phone Pleaser

A Poem written in December 2019 and performed at a Poetry Night in the Inner West of Sydney. First reading I've done in public for approx. 4 years.

Best Songs of 2019

2019 - The Top Ten (in no order). (Released late 2018-deserves inclusion here) Almost made the cut Serina pech - Take a look around Naked Next Door - Where Do I Go Picture This - Everything Or Nothing EGOISM - What Are We Doing? Annabel Allum - When The Wind Stopped Naked Elephant - Long Way Home Yonaka - Death By Love The Cheap Thrills - Saint-or-sinner Sweater Curse - (Hear You) pronoun - stay LPX - Give Up The Ghost Revisit Best of 2018 Best of 2017 Best of 2016 Best of 2015 Best of 2014 Best of 2013

Amazing Melbourne 1910

Nostalgia Video Series Amazing Melbourne 1910 No. 9 / 10 Please Consider this Christmas More Info / Purchase Here

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