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Lone Wolf World - Full Cover Art + Release

Long awaited debut novel...

Out Now!

‘Some soldiers say that War is the only reality that made them feel alive. Feasibly they didn’t want it, but they got it. They can never go back. Neither can I.’

There is no place more lonely than the inner city. No place more fitting to make observations on the fallibility of human beings and the easiest to design their downfall. Ideology isn’t his motivation. He hates everyone, equally. His voice is unique. And he will be heard.

Order through this site and have it signed and inscribed any way you wish. Makes for a great gift!

In print and ebook! *

Order closest Amazon to you for cheapest paperback shipping.

Order ebook anywhere!

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I'm so happy that you can finally buy a novel from me. This has been 14 years in the making. A post about this soon.

Please help spread the word, to family and friends. I can't do this on my own. I find self-promotion difficult. It's really tough out there without a major publisher or big bucks behind you.

I rely 100% on word of mouth, so without you, I'm dead in the water. I need you!

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