Vietnam War Video Tribute 1965 - 1970

This video is dedicated to my Uncle who served in 1971 and to my Grandfather who fought in the jungles of New Guinea in World War II and returned forever changed. It also acknowledges the North Vietnamese Vets and especially the civilians who deeply suffered. It's not short (22m) yet I urge you to watch to the end as the last few minutes are the most poignant.

Fast Food Frenzy Sweeping the World

(Gross Alert - But not too Gross. There's plenty worse. Trust me!) Live Market - Fast Food Style. Due to the popularity of the 'Live Market' as seen in parts of Asia, where anything, and everything goes, (sanctioned by the World Health Organisation), the Live Market is coming to a Fast Food Outlet Near you! W.H.O. = WOW! MukDonalds are selling MuKMouse Burgers and if you're really hungry, McMonkey! Burger Kims Now have Onion and Eye Rings! Dipped in delicious Tartare of Testicle Sauce. Freshly plucked, just for you! You can still have traditional Tomato Sauce but for you ravenous Carnivores, Try our Tangy Tortoise Sauce! Juicy! Order online and we'll run those little critters directly to you

A new personal experience - The Unemployment Queue.

Two days ago I had joined the Unemployment Queue. I had been putting it off trying to navigate the quagmire online with no success. After a long wait, people begin to talk to one another. I had a nice chat with a woman behind me and occasionally the line would cheer when one person would get to go in the office. It was a long wait but ended up not as long as we all thought when the queue didn't move for half an hour (75 mins in the end). Of course, there was the inevitable queue jumper. This woman tried it on and couldn't believe that I would not let her in. She was entitled and selfish. Unbelievable. That night I wrote the poem below. A Burgeoning Bonfire or Friendly Fire Alone in the queue

Your life, in History - Amazing Footage

Your life... Now Scary times, yes. However... In perspective. I put this video together in the hope that you will see where you exist in the scheme of things. You will see what I mean when you watch this video. 1895 - 1911 Passing shapes in the street. This is us, eventually. A mere memory. If we're lucky, remembered by someone. We know what we will become, yet we often live as though we have all the time in the world. If we knew when we will go, would it alter the way we live?

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