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A new personal experience - The Unemployment Queue.

Two days ago I had joined the Unemployment Queue. I had been putting it off trying to navigate the quagmire online with no success.

After a long wait, people begin to talk to one another. I had a nice chat with a woman behind me and occasionally the line would cheer when one person would get to go in the office. It was a long wait but ended up not as long as we all thought when the queue didn't move for half an hour (75 mins in the end).

Of course, there was the inevitable queue jumper. This woman tried it on and couldn't believe that I would not let her in. She was entitled and selfish. Unbelievable.

That night I wrote the poem below.

A Burgeoning Bonfire


Friendly Fire

Alone in the queue There’s them And then there’s you Everyone is a potential enemy Easily disarmed By an amusing sentence And speared through By a kind word. How swiftly They can belong to you And you to them With an eye to Recruitment. Misery may love company But sure as hell can’t keep it Nothing feeds the fire More than the warmth Of freshly made Solidarity. Anthony J. Langford 15.4.20


Revolution through Re-creation

(below is the post I planned for this week before my experience above, written in 2018)

Snared Status

A singular viewpoint

Will see me unstuck

Judged, condemned n' quartered.

As it would anyone

Outside the current (2018) vocal

Anti-white straight male brigade.

How narrow their focus

How overblown their protests.

It’s not new

And long been amusing to me

Except meeting very

Young People

Who have swallowed the hook with the best

Oblivious to the pain

And status of the snared.

I would have been a potential stat too

Had I been of a certain age


Is for the experienced

And Rebellion is for Youth.

Sell an idea as an injustice

And you create revolution

How easy to manipulate.

I should have done it years ago.

This poem is included in my new collection of poems on Social Media, Commentators only $5.


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