For the people of Victoria & others in Lockdown

Cocooned Isolation Is the term they use Dressed up To sell it as a positive Which it is, of course Yet being alone Has never felt so lonely As it's legally binding With no end in sight. Allowed out for essential services Food and exercise Like in a prison yard Then it's back to the space Within The echo chamber Of our silence. It can be peaceful There are moments of calm And simplicity Mostly there's an oppressive air A churning invisible machine Crushing the spirit. For me There's the added dimension Of having lost all work With no financial assistance Secured. The government implements the schemes And I can't speak for all Yet the wheels turn too slow To offer salvation. The not knowing is

Lone Wolf World Trailer!

This is the 'Thriller' version. It's more like a movie trailer. It's to build some interest but it doesn't reflect the novel as a whole, only parts of it. So I'm going to make a different trailer. Until then, enjoy and please share. I do rely on word of mouth. I am paying for small Facebook and Amazon ads but I can't compete with the big publishers. Think of the book as Jack fighting the Giant. Give the kid a hand. Cheers. Have a good week. Say hi if you feel like it. Peace Anthony

The personal battle

Symmetry in chaos Aren't some of our biggest battles in life ultimately with ourselves? Our attitudes. Our responses to things. And perhaps the biggest thing of all, our moods. Others can make life hard, sure. Events happen out of our control. How we deal with it, determines so much.Yet, no matter whats going on, we can't escape ourselves.The below was written in a bit of a slump earlier this year. (Warning, navel gazing ahead). A poem about my anxiety and drinking. Written not as a reflection, but in the moment, as it's described. Respite, if in passing I sit on a bar stool Near the back Sipping my first beer My legs are tingling Regret already loves The stink in the air. Anxiety has driven

Lone Wolf World Quotes + Fun new Video

Ever felt that the world was against you? Let's hear directly from the Lone Wolf. Do you think these are effective? A Loner with the World on his shoulders seeks to point out 'their hypocrisy' when he stumbles upon an opportunity that will bring about a catastrophic event. These 'Memes' are easy to copy and share. Paperback available to Pre-order HERE or Directly from Amazon inc. ebook Fun Holiday Video During a Covid lull in July I took my daughter up the NSW coast to Newcastle. It was cold but so good to be able to travel. There's a lot of really good new music too. #literaryfiction #book #lonewolfworld #novel #anthonyjlangford

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