Woe is Me. Woe is Us.

With the release of this year's story about refugees, (in part) I offer up this poem, which was written in late 2018. I think it speaks for itself. Spotlight to me Welcome to the reinforced Justifications Of a suburban/urban lifestyle With its exaggerated persecutions And its trivial transgressions Its play-acting martyrdom And back strapping faux symbolisms. Mirroring a supposed horror Which few can relate Or respect the depths Of its true origins. Justify thy existence Thy lightweight complaints Made heavy via exaggeration The ‘Much ado about nothing’ moans Hollow tantrums and cat ‘o’ nine tails Victimisation. Yeah, I’ll cry too And make no change As the currency of pity Yields more gravit

Audio Story - Cycle of Poverty

My first Audio Story The Loop Feedback appreciated. I might do more of these if people want them. Listen on SoundCloud or YouTube below

Book Trailers Bonanza!

In Time for Christmas! (Please consider). With the 2019 Trailer for A Refugee's Rage, let's look back on the previous trailers of my books, in order of release. Bottomless River - 2012 Caged without Walls - 2013 For your pleasure - 2015 Pseudo Stars - 2017 Allowing a love to die is not murder - 2018 A Refugee's Rage - Pre-Release Version - 2019 Rage - The Final Version - Rage - 2019 Order A Refugee's Rage NOW and receive a FREE pdf story, Revenge is a dish best served warm, about the Reality's of Reality TV! All proceeds to charity. Order Here or email here for Direct Bank Deposit Options.

Brexiteers: The Only Solution

Brexiteers: The Final Solution This story first appeared in the Telegraph Post, November 29, 2019 by Robert Mandel, UK 'It was looked great for the protest. Now what the fuck do we do with it? Unable to agree on whether to leave the European Union or not, Britain has opted to agree on one thing; that they cannot agree. “There’s only one viable solution left to us,’ said one Tory member anonymously. ‘We are drawing up plans to divide Britain, much like Ireland. The I’s will have it. And the No’s will have it.” A leaked source shows that blueprints have already been drafted, with the British public soon to be able to view the new plans. One half of Britain will stay with the E.U., the other ha

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