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She suffers

My partner has been sick for five months. Getting an answer has been very hard. Watching her suffer, beyond words.

Her stolen life

She ain’t coming back

Cooked and withered

Gone to that place

Where only body exists

Such is the demands

Of physical pain.


The great handbrake

The full stop

To her plans

The anchor

To her everyday existence

Buried deep beyond

That surface layer

Where the rest of us exist.

And take for granted.

The agony she often endures

Isn’t the worst of it.

Where is she going?

What is the solution?

Only answers to nowhere

And the un-merry-go-round

Of uncertainty.

Its treachery bites to the core.

Without a plan

There’s no hope

Seemingly too costly

To offer.

So, all we can do

Is deliver well meaning platitudes

While she sails that ship alone

Knowing there’s no destination

And curse the unhearing void

For the unjust theft

Of a healthy young life

A crime of magnitude

With no consequences

For the guilty.


The story continues...


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