Spirits guided her work

Famous After Death Hilma af Klint (born October 26, 1862) was a Swedish artist and mystic whose paintings were among the first abstract art. Yet she created these abstract works in secret and wrote in her will that they were to be stored for 20 years after her death before they could be opened. She belonged to a group called "The Five", a group of women who shared her belief in the importance of trying to make contact with the so-called "High Masters" – often by way of séances. Her paintings, which sometimes resemble diagrams, were a visual representation of complex spiritual ideas. Her sister's death was a major contributing factor to her spirituality. Becoming an artist She showed an early

Written in the height of disaster

My sister was out of contact. Australia was burning. I wrote this at 1.30 in the morning on the 3rd of January, wondering what it must be like for those trapped by fire, up close. And for firefighters too. A Poem in Four Parts Season of no Reason 1. She reaches for the sky As there's no solace In the smoky vision Of a transient dismembered world around her Now dismantled And unreliable. A pulsating redness Of a neglected sun Suddenly swallowed by the black An irrelevant Slice of nature Like the clean air Sucked into soot. She runs Then stops The roar deceptive Of its true position The only surety is the terror. The conflagration really is All around And coming closer. Nothing will save her O

Best Films of 2019 - minus the P.C. cliches

Best Films of 2019 In no particular order. I personally have found Tarantino's films to be getting increasingly self indulgent, stale and overlong, like The Hateful Eight. However, this year was an awesome surprise. Being a film buff and well attuned to the Manson Family Murders, I watched this with a mix of trepidation and reference picking pleasure. It was fresh. His cast always deliver and what a chemistry these two have. Best buddy movie of many years and possibly his best since Pulp Fiction. I suspect this may have been more disturbing/refreshing to younger audiences more conditioned to superheroes movies. Naturally there's been many unhinged characters onscreen before but not quite in

Mixed beginnings - Fire Hell Plus a little Love

We've made it through for another year. A bad start for us in Australia. My sister and her family was caught up in the horrific NSW/Victoria Bushfires and was cut off with no power or communication for 5 days, so was a terrifying time for all. She finally made it out after roads were opened. I wrote a poem in the early hours of the 3rd of Jan. See below. This post was scheduled so let's start with it. The fire poem is at the bottom. Land crossed Lovers I had a satire planned for the first post, but I thought I'd start with something simpler. We can all relate to youthful romances. Listen to the Poem, Land-crossed Lovers at Soundcloud Here Searing / Sparing A sky bleeding Like a punishment Se

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