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Mixed beginnings - Fire Hell Plus a little Love

We've made it through for another year. A bad start for us in Australia. My sister and her family was caught up in the horrific NSW/Victoria Bushfires and was cut off with no power or communication for 5 days, so was a terrifying time for all. She finally made it out after roads were opened.

I wrote a poem in the early hours of the 3rd of Jan. See below.

This post was scheduled so let's start with it. The fire poem is at the bottom.

Land crossed Lovers

I had a satire planned for the first post, but I thought I'd start with something simpler. We can all relate to youthful romances.

Listen to the Poem, Land-crossed Lovers at Soundcloud Here

Searing / Sparing

A sky bleeding

Like a punishment

Sewn in debt

Guilty for all

A verdict

Before the case is heard.

Hell hath no Fury

Than indiscriminate flames




And sparing

Without reason.


Carrying its own

Unbalanced fortune.

No safety, no solace

For anyone abound

A little planning

A lot of hope

Open to no-one

But fate's indiscriminate


Deliver them



As Hope


Beyond this

Beyond certainty

And just as unreliable.


Please note that ALL Profits from Books sold through my website, will go to the NSW Volunteer Firefighter Service, beginning now until the end of the Australian Summer.

Alternatively donate directly Here.

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