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Mental Health Month - Work Stress

Is your daily grind like this?

The Grind

Slave to the keyboard

Another meeting

No different to all the others

Listening to someone bitch

Having to succumb to the whims

Of a person above you

That you don’t like

Changing the diapers of a 88 year old

Answering the phone

Making the call

Sending that vital email

Reading the meter

Changing the plug

Trying to change the client's mind

You need coffee

You need lunch

You need your daily break

You need more drugs

For that reoccurring headache.

Finally that last hour comes around

You sigh as you walk out the door

And prepare

To follow other routines

All the way to bed

And back again.

This is the life

The way it must be

So we are led to believe

The reason why we've endured

Years of more routines we didn’t like

In those budding years

Youth fleeting as it is

When we should have been having more fun

And maybe learning about more important things

Like relationships

And how to get through the grind

Or come up with other alternatives

Other than Pi and formulas

And other crap

That we will never need.

Call me old fashioned

Or maybe deranged

But maybe we wouldn’t have to ‘grind’ so much

If there wasn’t this incessant rush

To a version 4.2 upgrade

Which is probably worse than the last

When the one before that was good enough.

Perhaps if the world slowed down a little

And we talked to each other

And sat back and looked at the stars

And the rocks and realized

That we stand with giants

And angels

But only

For the briefest possible moment.

Simple is the way to be

It gives us calm and poise and space

To enjoy our limited time

While we can.

copyright 2012 anthony j. langford

This series is written from the heart and personal experiences.
Please share if you can, or comment. Alternatively email me if you want to reach out.

Next week will be a new Poem and Video on Anxiety/Depression.

At the end of this 5 part series, I'll be compiling, 4 out of 5 of them into a pdf for download, plus with an extra 6, 10 in total. It will be called All Empires Crumble. All deal with Mental Health and all are from 2019.

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