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Mental Health - The Anxiety Trap

We all suffer in some form, some of the time. So perhaps you, or someone you know, may relate to these.

o_d_y_n_e by m_tau / used with permission

The Anxiety Trap

aka Locked in self

Are you having a bad day?

Did they say something?

Is it the workload?

Is it that person?

Or is it something else entirely?

I’m here if you want to talk

Or if you don’t want to talk

But need a friendly voice

Company / Shoulder.

Do you have anxiety or depression?

If so, I get it

I’m the fucking King

It’s been my constant companion

You don’t have to explain

A thing

Instead, say no-thing

You don’t have to highlight

What’s already there

I can see it

It doesn’t deserve our focus.

I’m here

You’re there

And it's in the middle

Preventing one of us

From making that first move

Into the void.

It’s cold comfort

Which keeps us

At home

On the couch

Under the covers


Our nemesis.



Kindred spirits

Locked in self.

Reaching out

Is not the first step

It’s the greatest chasm

Something they don’t understand.

We just want it to be a little easier

A little peace

In our time.

© ajl 2019

At the end of the series I'll be compiling this poem and 9 others into a pdf for download, called All Empires Crumble. All are from 2019.

Email me if you want to chat - or seek professional help. I'm just a writer.

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