The Scales - Mental Health Month

We all suffer in some form, some of the time. So perhaps you, or someone you know, may relate to these. (feel free to share, comment or email me). There will be three poem/videos on anxiety/depression. One on Work Stress and one on the difficulties of reaching out for help. The Scales The Scales Like you (Perhaps subconsciously) I seek that sweet spot The pathway Between what I deserve What I’m owed And what I should accept. Between the need To be nurtured And to nurture another. Between putting on a happy face And actually feeling it. Seeing the outrage And taking it to heart And realising it’s not personal Merely a generic trend. To drowning genuine sorrows And sagging in self pity. To see

Super Warrior Climate Change Rally

Call me The Climate Combatant On the way to the Protest, I knew my headache was caused from lack of caffeine, so I got a take away coffee, plus a bottle of coke and a bottle of water. It was going to be a two hour rally, so had to keep my fluids up. Not long after I got there, and started taking heaps of photos and videos, I realised that my battery was low. I hoped it would last the day before I would have to charge it. I wanted to share my exploits on all the socials. I even considered joining up Snapchat just to get my awesome selfies out! But I didn't have the battery. Woe is me. (electricity is so expensive too huh.) They knew it, 70 years ago! Wow. The night before I had stayed up late

When she met him he already had cancer.

Caught... between Love and Loss The view from the backyard. The Lover's 'Mountain.' Page One When she met him he already had cancer. He refused to call it by its medical name, a not so rare, but still less common form of lymphoma. It was instead, the little slippery bastard that had been sent to test his will, just as he had begun building the house. She knew all about his dream project, but not his illness. This was due to his dogged character. His certainty that he could beat it on his own, would do, and that it would not interfere in his life. He also didn’t want to scare her off, given that they’d only just begun dating. At twenty seven, she was alluring, audacious and intelligent and wi

The Uncensored, Unadulterated Horror

Night of the Living Smombies Fear the Walking Dead They are the.... Smombies Smart Phone Zombies. They just won't stop texting The World around them doesn't exist. The Living don't Matter. They stay on their phones.... But they won't stay Dead! Ah, that's why it's called the Stop. They Scroll While They Stroll They're Perplexed While They Text While We are Vexed by Their Wrecked Tread Fuck Off and Die! (I know it doesn't rhyme with anything, I just wanted to say it). They Failed the Chewbecca Test - yes this is real. Sadly. Pedestrian Deaths have risen dramatically. (see this article about Smombies). 'Distracted walking is a form of inattentional blindness and when you undertake this

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