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The Scales - Mental Health Month

We all suffer in some form, some of the time. So perhaps you, or someone you know, may relate to these. (feel free to share, comment or email me).

There will be three poem/videos on anxiety/depression. One on Work Stress and one on the difficulties of reaching out for help.

The Scales

The Scales

Like you

(Perhaps subconsciously)

I seek that sweet spot

The pathway

Between what I deserve

What I’m owed

And what I should accept.

Between the need

To be nurtured

And to nurture another.

Between putting on a happy face

And actually feeling it.

Seeing the outrage

And taking it to heart

And realising it’s not personal

Merely a generic trend.

To drowning genuine sorrows

And sagging in self pity.

To seeking love

Seeking companionship

Without being subservient

Or building unrealistic expectations.

Having the sense

And wisdom

To know

Where that Middle Ground

Is served best.

I fear

A perpetual reassessment

Never striking the perfect note

Hoping for a compassionate balance

More often than not.


© ajl 2019

Art: thy mournia by m.tau

Bring up anything for you? Feel free to comment or email me.

At the end of the series I'll be compiling this poem and 9 others into a pdf for download, called All Empires Crumble. All are from 2019.

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