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The Uncensored, Unadulterated Horror

Night of the Living Smombies

Fear the Walking Dead

They are the....


Smart Phone Zombies.

They just won't stop texting

The World around them doesn't exist.

The Living don't Matter.

They stay on their phones....

But they won't stay Dead!

Ah, that's why it's called the Stop.

They Scroll While They Stroll

They're Perplexed While They Text

While We are Vexed by Their Wrecked Tread

Fuck Off and Die!

(I know it doesn't rhyme with anything, I just wanted to say it).

They Failed the Chewbecca Test - yes this is real. Sadly.

Pedestrian Deaths have risen dramatically. (see this article about Smombies).

'Distracted walking is a form of inattentional blindness and when you undertake this behaviour you are effectively playing chicken with fast moving traffic.'

See train behind - Sadly real.

We don't mind Darwinism at work. It's when they get in your way that's really fucking annoying. Like in supermarket queues. Or in the street. Around public transport.

Also when they do it at work, like at the hospital (now where did I put those scissors?), while operating machinery at the nuclear power plant, (what rod? oh cat video - lol!), looking after your children (how many kids did we have today?) and while behind the wheel that matters. Phone related vehicle accidents are a major causation of death worldwide. Everyone knows that. But still the Smombies persist.


Essentially they don't have the intelligence to entertain their own brains with thoughts while they are doing tasks, while mundane, that actually require some serious concentration, like driving a truck. Also they're ego's are so humongous, like a turd from a hippopotamus, they actually think people care about their stupid fucking posts. They don't.

Ummmm.... It's just a bear. I don't care. I'm cool, yeah?

Bear: Mmm Easy breakfast


Make it Legal

This post is sponsored by the

'Make Killing a Smombie Legal'


'Removing Smombie's from the Gene Pool is a Humane Act'


'The Right To Bear Arms against Fuckwits with Fones'


disclaimer: I'm only against phone use when it impacts the lives of others, particularly when it's dangerous. A girl I went to primary school with was killed in a motor vehicle accident way back in the early 90's, due to a woman speaking on the phone and driving. Little has changed since then, including my rage.


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