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This is what you need. Video - Us & Them

How are you?

This is what I need at times. I feel as though you might too.

What you need

It's from my new story/poetry collection, Us & Them. What you need is on the first page. There are thirteen stories and seventy nine poems.

What you need

Surround yourself

With nature’s green

In any form you can find

Trees, bushes, grass

And notice the weight

Or the emptiness

That threatens to suffocate

Quietly trickle away.

There’s a legacy

Of co-habitation

So long lasting

That’s it’s in our very cells

Working in unison

With the dirt

The open air

And the surveying sky

Watching over us like guardians

Amused perhaps

By our impetuosity

Our unique ability

To trip ourselves up

In the mad rush of our existence.

So, take a step out

Open yourself to that

Which has welcomed you

For an eternity

And the feel the subtle connection

You seek

And deserve.


If you've missed previous books, this is the one for you. Makes for a perfect gift too!

This book and others available at the Books Page

There’s friends and family and then there’s the greater world. Them. Are we really all that different? Aren’t we all struggling to find meaning and connection amongst the chaos?

An eclectic mix of stories and poems, many based on real situations and people. All are dripping with truth and feeling.

Out now!

Order print copy

Or signed/inscribed on the Books Page The perfect gift this Christmas! Please help me spread the word!

Have a good week. If not, fake it until you start to believe it. (Need to take my own advice. Not that easy, is it?) Peace Anthony

The stories include; A man who experiences a flood of memories after the loss of his partner. A mother and daughter’s life changing meeting. A dramatic stand-off between the German army and villagers during World War II. A teenager's great risk in the night they almost died. A first-hand account of the fall of the Berlin Wall. An eight-year-old performs her original song for a most unique audience. For all the wrong reasons. The messiest eater in the world. A woman recalls her dramatic life on the streets. A unique non-encounter with a single person among the thousands on the busy streets of New York City. An ex-Reality TV contestant seeks revenge and more.


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