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New video trailer! Us & Them - A beautiful collection on connection

There's Us and Them

Yet, aren't we all struggling to find meaning and connection, amongst the chaos?

13 stories and 79 poems on the theme of connection, searching, found or misplaced. Something for everyone. 18+ but nothing overtly offensive. Even your grandmother could read it.

Signed or personally scribed copies available. Makes for a perfect gift this Christmas!

Dedicated to the memory of Sally Jones (Corvini).

My ex-partner, a beautiful soul and dear friend for a quarter of a century.

May she rest in peace.

Order print copy on Amazon UK

Or signed/inscribed at the Book page

Great gift this Christmas!

Please help me spread the word!

The stories include;

A man who experiences a flood of memories after the loss of his partner.

A mother and daughter’s life changing meeting.

A dramatic stand-off between the German army and villagers during World War II.

A teenager's great risk in the night they almost died.

A first-hand account of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

An eight-year-old performs her original song for a most unique audience. For all the wrong reasons.

The messiest eater in the world.

A woman recalls her dramatic life on the streets.

A unique non-encounter with a single person among the thousands on the busy streets of New York City.

An ex-Reality TV contestant seeks revenge and more.

Don't miss this! Head to the Books Page!

Any help sharing would be fantastic.

This is my last book for a couple of years, if not for good. (A post for another time).


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