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Singer - A decade since she died - (Language warning).

10th Anniversary

This was written at the time, literally on the day she died.

If easily offended, don't read on.

Chrissie Amphlett died today

When you can take no more

Lay down to die

And there’s plenty who

Would love to sink the boot in

Just once

To feel what it’s like

No matter the impact to you

Without the promise of punishment.

Though you’ve done the rounds

With the same commitment

Again and again

Through sweat and creative candle burning flames

It’s only when you flash your pussy

Do they stop to stare

And take notice of what you’ve always had

To offer.

Such a pity

You had to be the schoolgirl first

With skirt raised

And cunt as prospect

For the songs to burn.

April, 2013

Not your usual dedication but that's what was written.

Superb band. I loved them. The Good Die Young indeed.


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