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I wrote a Movie. And now you can read it, FREE! Travel Bug.

I wrote a Movie! It's called Travel Bug. Based on my years working as a barman and backpacking in Europe.

I was in my early twenties so it's also about the crazy things young people get up to.

I was living above the bar/restaurant, along with many of the staff. It was some of the best fun of my life. Not without it's many dramas as is prone to happen with young people. Ah youth.. Wasted on the young. A time of life that can never be replicated. What a time it is.

When I returned to Australia, instead of going back to the country where I grew up, I moved to Sydney. Part of it is based on that time too. Some of the screenplay mirrors real life. As usual, it will be up to you to work out how much is real.

It was written when I was thirty-eight, fourteen years after the last of the events took place.

So here it is. Travel Bug Download it

Travel Bug - 4th draft
Download DOC • 310KB

Read at your own leisure. 83 pages.

For anyone who's been a backpacker. Anyone who's worked in hospitality. Anyone who's been in love. Anyone who's been young.

Note the two crazy dudes hanging out the right window.

I never really believed I would make this screenplay into a real feature film but I had made many short films and hoped I could get it into the right hands somewhere.

Well, dreamin' big is free. Creating the work is hard but possible. Beyond that, it's a different ball game. My film career never really took off so this became the only full length film script I ever wrote. After this I began writing my first novel, the yet to be published children's fantasy, Borders of Bordavia. (I plan to publish it sometime, perhaps 2024/5).

I wrote other short film scripts which have never been made or released publicly but you can watch the films I did make HERE.

Sweet youth. How short it is.


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