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And now for something different. Boat people.

Today’s game, Endless parade

The refugees streamed

The community screamed

The borders degenerated

The debates raged

The numbers increased

The solution escaped

The stress escalated

The panic dominated

The resources depleted

The system collapsed

The dissent grew

And the unwilling hosts

Played catch up

In a one sided game

With burden as victor

And suffering as the result.

The debate became tired

Interest waned

Media moved on

Allowing a myriad of ‘activities’

To reign unchecked.

Nothing so insignificant

As a tired story.

(from 2015)

A little political, which is not an area I usually go into. No doubt around the refugees issue, which was world wide at the time. What was I referring to specifically? That's the glory of poetry. You decide.


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