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'Untold' - The World Premiere - May 25

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces.

The 1997 'lost'* film, UNTOLD.

Coming to the public for the first time, on May 25th, 2019

(The same day Star Wars was released in 1977).

Part 1- Premise and Political Correctness

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When Political Correctness became a term in the nineties, it had already heralded in a new movement. A new way of thinking. A new way of behaving socially. As to how that translates today is up to you to decide for yourself, but in the nineties, it was the right thing and a necessary thing. Most people were open minded and accepting, (Sydney's Mardi Gras was already a hugely popular event) but some were still stuck in the past.

Political Correctness was a new and positive attitude. A way to be more inclusive of all peoples. In Australia, there wasn't the great influx of peoples from various countries and religions that we have now, so the early P.C. focus was not particularly race but Aboriginal and Gay acceptability.

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Yet, even then, there was some people getting around it, manipulating it, saying one thing and feeling another. It did, and still does, cause a lot of confusion, argument and controversy.

Still in my 20's I wrote a wild and unorthodox script. It was to be a non-conventional story, so I gave it a non title; UNTOLD. It's basic premise is the confusion of relationships, especially in youth, with the added ingredient of Political Correctness to contend with. I'd argue it has had a big impact on relationships today, but perhaps love and dealings with others has always been difficult.

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Coming soon,

Part 2 - UNTOLD, Production and Post, followed by the Premiere on May 25th.

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