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Searching for meaning. Perhaps love too.

Search unto End


I hope you're in good spirits this week, or at least not miserable. 😉

I thought this a fitting last post before Christmas. It was made a few months ago.

I swear if you stare at this image, it moves

Please comment on the video. Like and subscribe too as it helps my Channel.

Watch HERE or below.

I hope your Christmas is a good one. I appreciate that it's not a good time for all. Personally, I'll be on my own for a few days, (sad sack solitary Santa), but I'll be with my daughter from the 27th. I am taking her away to see family interstate. Unless Covid intervenes. Who knows?

Drop me a line. Otherwise, Merry Christmas my friend.



Don't forget my awesome Best of 2021 YouTube Playlist this Xmas Break. Great to run in the background.

Please share this post if you can. Love you.

Wtf? I mean, love to you and yours.... (sheesh, weirdo!).


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