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Nostalgia Video Series - Sydney 1940's

Nostalgia Video

#6 / 10

Footage sourced from a home movie of an American tourist in Sydney.

That is why it has the unique titles. Quite inventive. They must have been quite well off to produce something like this at that time.

(May contain images of deceased Aboriginal persons)

Re-edited by myself with additional music.

Don't miss the Final Four. The best is yet to come!

Nostalgia Video In Adelaide.

A photographic journey of the Inner West of Sydney over several decades. Fascinating!

Plus Nostalgia Video set in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Catch up!

Number 1 Melbourne 1910 - 1930's here

Number 2 Pictures of Old Sydney here

Number 3, Baby Boomers here

Number 4, Old British Cinemas here

Number 5, US Home Movies, 1940's here

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