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'Untold' - The Short Film Shoot

'Untold' - The World Premiere May 25

Part 2 - Production, Process and Posterity

An unusual story, with unusual dialogue needed an unique approach. Initially I wanted to shoot it all in one take. It's been done of course, but back in 1997, it was still a fairly novel idea. I planned it out, with the intention of changing locations, across multiple suburbs. It was too ambitious.

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I chose a simpler shoot, at several locations, with myself as director and cameraman. I had two production assistants help out with the sound, but with these 'no' budget affairs, everyone chips in.

Look it's no Magnolia, (one of my favourite films) but it does contain its own style and has some really interesting concepts and challenging conversations. The disparity between men and women. The confusion in burgeoning relationships, straight and gay. The struggle to find a voice. The struggle to know how to channel the right voice. The Year 2000 was looming like a giant wave and it's felt here. One of the actors says to another, 'Beware the new century.'

It's certainly satirical. Much is also left for the viewer to decipher.

Amongst it all, is a mini mystery. What happens in the hallway? Can you work it out?

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What happened to the actors?

I lost contact with all of them. It was pre-Internet, (it was around but was barely being used then). I moved overseas then returned to Melbourne, rather than Sydney and that was that.

I could probably track them down, (should the past be left where it is?) or perhaps they will find their way to the film, once it's online on May 25th.

One important and timely important question remains, with Political Correctness as a central theme, how relevant is it today? Did it foretell certain aspects of where attitudes were going? Was it a window into today?

It's low budget. It's weird. But don't miss it!

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