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Wow it's 10 years. Bottomless River - New Video

Three teenage friends are growing up carefree in the country when something goes terribly wrong, setting in motion events for the next twenty years.

Bottomless River - 10th Anniversary

Regret runs deep

The debut Novella

Based on my country upbringing, is a decade old this month, June 2022.

It was an exciting time to finally have something significant published, thanks to Gininderra Press. While a small book, being a novella, it meant a lot to me to be acknowledged in some form after years of quiet toil.

I have put together a new video to celebrate, combining the original two trailers. Below that are some photos of the book launch in June 2012 plus how you can read it for FREE.

The initial draft of Bottomless River was hand written on a train going to and from work over several days in 2006. It was a simple story then. Every year it was given another draft, grew in scope until it was finally submitted in May 2011. A month later they came back with a yes. It took a further 11 months to get it released.

Photo taken for author promotion

First copies

How to read for FREE below

Musician Hazzy Bee performing specifically for the Book Launch

My partner of the time Ayela, co-reading a fictional banter

You can buy a signed paperback for only $11.90 AU HERE or download a digital copy FREE Here


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