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Two free downloads and Good News!


I hope you are well, or at least, faking it enough to believe it.

I've decided to make my first book, the novella Bottomless River a free download. It's a pdf so it will copy across to your kindle or device and work fine. Only 80 digital pages so a great, simple read. Based on many of my childhood experiences growing up on the river in a small, country town. One tragic night, everything changes.

Download it HERE

I had a story accepted for a new anthology of short stories by Fechty Publishing.

That was good enough until I received this certificate.

It's a very different story from me about a young girl who composes a song on her guitar for her friend. Yet, there's a twist. Simple and moving.

You can read it for free on my website HERE


Read the whole Anthology as it's also a free download direct from the publisher.

Have a good week.

New Poetry coming up

but next week, a very cheeky piece of Satire.



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