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The Roar of Angry Youth

How are you doing?

Remember the days of the ol' school yard?

Youth... Wasted on the young. So they say.

A little ditty for you...

Adulthood, Hear Me Roar

Sixties Dreamers

Seventies Creamers

Eighties Believers

Nineties Demeanours

Naughties Achievers

Teens Deceivers

Driven by ideas

Sown by others

Until ‘it’s our turn now’

Is the phrase of the day.

It’s as much a celebration of youth

A marking out of adult territory

Than anything else

The only legitimate gripes

Soon swallowed

In the quagmire

That is the actuality

Of Adult Life.

Nothing more to be said

Just stand back

And wait for the fresh paint

On a rotating placard.

An Outcast seeks revenge.

Purchase a signed copy in time for Christmas!

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