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She's gone. How much do you care?

To care or not to care

I sit in the closing night

I sip on a hot ginger tea

And I don’t care

About anything else.

It’s about the best thing

I’ve ever tasted

And I don’t care

About the world

Or the people in it.

There’s only the disappearing day

And the ringing in my ears

The tingling in my legs

The heavy heart

And shortness of breath

Thanks to the anti-depressant burden

But the tea is good

And I am still

And I don’t care

About anything else.

A month ago

I wanted to die

There were a couple of days there

Where I contemplated it

So, I could be with Sally

The one I overlooked

The love I let go

The regret I partnered

My inheritance.

How significantly


Can alter life itself.

Now that the sting

Is not as deep

I can see life

I realise that I am lucky to have

What she does not.


In this moment at least

I find it hard to care

For myself, you see

Of course, I care about others

My daughter

My family

People I’ve never met

Like those suffering in the Ukraine

But for myself

There’s nothing.

It does not matter

What I do

The outcome will be the same

I suppose it is for everyone.

The nothingness

Will soon arrive

I’m really just here

For others now

There is no other purpose

Perhaps that’s all any of us

Are here for

To share the burden

To comfort when crumbling

To laugh and love

When it arrives

And maybe it’s better

To not think about it too much.


I have another sip of tea

And decide

That tomorrow

I will try harder

To care a little more.

11.40 p.m.


I was genuinely heartbroken when Sally died in January, 2022. I had not experienced that sort of grief for a very long time, if ever. There was some dark moments.

Sally and I around 1999.

I recently shared my unproduced feature length screenplay, Travel Bug, based on some of my travels when I was young. Written approx. 2005. Controversial and funny, though not for the highbrow crowd.

Download for FREE HERE.


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