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Sex Writer - Famous after Death (adult content warning)

Famous After Death - Walter

The images are from the 1920's. Another time when people apparently didn't celebrate sexuality, just like Victorian England.

Walter, or whatever is name was, was a very naughty man.

Well, not really. He was probably quite an ordinary man. He just decided to write about sex. And in turn, left us a remarkable document that holds a very different view of what Victorian English life was apparently like.

The book, My Secret Life, was about his sexual experiences. It first appeared in a private edition of eleven volumes, over a period of seven years from 1888.

It's a huge work and not particularly well written. There is a modern truncated version you can track down which really tells you enough. It still is quite fascinating.

The original texts amount to over 4,000 pages. It was probably never meant for a wide audience. Certainly at the time, he never would have expected it to be made public. We don't even know his real name. Here's an extract. "I had from youth an excellent memory, but about sexual matters a wonderful one. Women were the pleasure of my life. I loved cunt, but also she who had it; I like the woman I fucked and not simply the cunt I fucked, and therein is a great difference. I recollect even now in a degree which astonishes me, the face, color, stature, thighs, backside, and cunt, of well nigh every woman I have had..."

The complete first three volumes are online. Here they are. Volume.

A highly abridged version is available in paperback. It's hardly quality literature but it does provide a window to sexuality in the past that is unique and fascinating.

As to the book's contents, scholars argue that some is made up, some is truth and some is likely from 'Walter's' friends experiences. The book is famous, as is 'Walter,' the man who's identity we don't really know, despite the numerous theories. Obscure in his lifetime, the man is now...


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