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Real diversity...

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Most people talk about diversity, acceptance and tolerance. And then will happily demonise all people of an opposite political persuasion, and those who think differently than them. Atheists will condemn Christians and vice versa. People really aren't so tolerant after all.

I wrote this in January '21.


Speared well and true

By the sharp affront

To your ideological foundations.

How a single comment

Can threaten the belief system

You've built over time

In part, on your experiences

(More likely your upbringing)

And your chosen influences.

How many

In a lifetime

Beyond the impressionable years

Actually change sides?

Could you swing to a fresh allegiance

After years of treading

The comfortable path?

I suspect very few do

One usually reinforces

Not drifts.

How interesting would it be

To learn more about those people?

And why they make shifts

Others never even consider.

People like that,

Give the colour and texture

To the fabric.

13.1.21 7.30 pm

(Final days of Trump leadership)

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This is not a direct analysis of Trump supporters in his final days. More an inspiration to assess those on the 'other' side. The other side of us, no matter which we swing.

We are influenced by media reports. And it's the extremists who oft provide the lasting impressions... It takes a wider consideration to understand others, and where they may be coming from. Real tolerance. I suspect few truly have it.


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