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Message to a Home Invader

Home invasion. Scary thought.

Mostly it's young people who home invade. They're often on drugs, looking for money. They think that they will never be in a position to have money so it's only fair they take from the 'privileged.' Certainly when I left school I had no job and was broke and without hope. It's hard to imagine a different life. Not that I considered crime as a viable option. But I did know some rough types and some did go on to commit crime. God knows where they are now.

Back to the young. Unfortunately, the mistakes they commit at this point can stay with them for life. Some are just scumbags but many have been brought up in shitty homes, hence their drug addiction.

I came across this in a folder. It's from 2014. Imagining such a scenario..

Soliloquy to a Home Invader

Please take everything.

It’s all yours.

I have no need for it. There’s no need to hurt anyone. I’ll happily give it all up. You say, I don’t need much. I know this is a big house, but it cannot make you happy. It’s just a thing. Money can’t buy happiness, it’s true. A cliché but there’s been nothing more real to me. I was happier when I was younger. When I was your age, I had nothing. Absolutely nothing. I owned nothing. I had a shitty old bike, that’s was it.

A car cannot make you happy. Clothes cannot make you happy. The only real thing that can give us true happiness is other people. Friends. Good friends. Even one. And the love of a good woman or whomever. It doesn’t matter. Love. Affection. Someone to confide in. and lots of sex of course. These are the things that…

Okay, okay, I'll shut up. Yes, I know nothing. Just please don’t hurt…

It's not a poem. I don't know what you'd call that. I thought I'd share it anyway as Ironically my grandmother had a home invader in June, 2022. She yelled at him to get out and he did as he was told. Freaked out he did! She was lucky. 95 years old too. What a legend.

Til next post,



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