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Is it too much?


Hope you're doing okay. With all of NSW in lockdown, many won't be. I wrote this a few years ago. Open to your unique interpretation.

Desolate Bereft Of spirit Enthusiasm sapped And sacked. Devoid of creative imaginings Original thought Dried to nothing Like a sun strangled creek. Soul-less, seemingly Yearning for salvation Desperate for… Reassurance? Support? Love? A thundering beast of a wave Which cares less than nothing That won’t recede Forcefully rolling in Crushing any possibility Of redemption Of hope Of a solution. From the abyss A new belief glimmers faintly Reaching to the Heavens Yearning to scream For interaction Today, Tomorrow Only For fuck’s sake… Materialise. Not a lot of positivity there but that's not the point of it. It's documenting a mood in the moment. Whether that's actually how I felt when I wrote it, I don't remember. But it's likely. If you're feeling like shit, perhaps the positive you could take from it, is that many feel the same. Even if we don't express it publicly. Our private suffering. The image below, however, does offer some hope...

Lockdown Special Purchase Lone Wolf World and receive a book* of your choice for FREE! Hurry-won't last (Aust. only)

*Either my debut novella, Bottomless River and the poetry collection, Caged Without Walls. Hang in there. Peace.


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