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Into the Mouth of Nightmares...

This was written a decade ago in 2011.

Finally going through a large cache of poems for possible future books.

I like this one but not enough for a book. Worth sharing though, so here it is.

The Wider World as it is Known

March 25th 2011 (Cairns)

Dredged up and dripping

Into the mouth of Nightmares

Days bleak and nights too bright

With the blinding tunnel

Store of Childhood fears

That were never really

Left Behind.

Struggle Bleary Eyed back into the


Because the Rules

Must be adhered to

And the Masters are Demanding

The alternatives

Promise Nothing

Because it doesn’t pay to question

Or Mildly Ponder

In case the Truth isn’t

what it was understood to Be.

The Years Tumble Down

Precious, Fragile

And less Remarkable than the Last

And the Wondering settled in a long time ago

When would the Results begin to show?

All the Boxes were ticked

Fought against and then conformed to

According to the Protocol

All is as it Should

The Coffers are Filling

But it doesn’t feel good

And all subsequent self-deception

Has the Shakes.

When it comes

It’s during a Period of Tenacity and Success

When doubts had finally succumbed

The House crumbles

The Cards Scatter

And the Entire Life Plan that was

Germinating before Birth

Has Evaporated

Leaving but a Hollow Residue

With all imagined trepidations

Come to Actuality

Despite all Death and Disaster and Gloom

The World has never seemed so user friendly.

Will the realisation

Come to pass

Coupled with the deliciously bitter


That the only way out of the chaos

Is with no plan at all.

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