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Dating and Decline of the West


Something a little more topical this week. Stuck on the dating treadmill? Made observations on societal change?

Like the almighty Romans

It's the age of the disconnect


While desperately searching

For its opposite.

The issue

(in my 5 years of online dating)

Is the disparity

Between reality and fantasy

Expectations are too high

Based on idealism

And the bulk and ease

Of online matches

(particularly for women and the looker).

In the increasingly rare event

Of a Union

There's a bolt for the horizon

At the first bump.

We once persevered

And in most cases

Sorted it out.


I've sometimes wondered, of course

If this isn't a middle-aged phenomenon

But I hear the twenty-somethings

Encountering the same.

Easy come

Too easy come

Is where we're at

Thus making people


Only the traditional


Are persevering

And procreating

Beyond these falsely led actualities.

I don't see it getting it better

Only morphing into something new

Something already underway

In other spheres too

The decline of the West

As it ideologically

'Exits' itself

And others.

Perhaps it's inevitable.

Grande Galerie in the Louvre in Ruins, 1796 by Hubert Robert

Perhaps a few different issues there, but certainly there is a link.

What are your thoughts?


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