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All of this for Christmas?

‘Some soldiers say that War is the only reality that made them feel alive. Feasibly they didn’t want it, but they got it. They can never go back. Neither can I.’

There is no place more lonely than the inner city. No place more fitting to make observations on the fallibility of human beings and the easiest to design their downfall. Ideology isn’t his motivation. He hates everyone, equally. His voice is unique. And he will be heard.

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A teenage boy lives in a park in Central Rome. He’s not the only one. There are other homeless foreigners on the streets and many of them are young. Yet an encounter with a Syrian girl will have a powerful impact on his tumultuous life. Their union will dramatically alter both of their lives forever.

PLUS Caught between love and loss. A separate novella in the same book. Rachel's life is thrown into turmoil when her partner is hit with cancer.

Only $19.50!

Meditations on love & loss, in an easily digestible poetry format. Don't let the word poetry deceive you. These are snapshots at life, some based on true incidents and people, of the difficulty and absurdity of human relationships. Not to be missed. Limited Edition. $18.95


Stories of the Deluded

They arrive in droves…

with stars in their eyes…

yet not with their feet on the ground.

Discover why a Japanese family are forced to live on a staircase; an elderly woman’s routine slips into anarchy; a teenage couple’s taunting backfires; environmental terror at a Antarctic resort; a threesome goes wildly wrong and more.

Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.

Only $13.95!

'Langford is a good conversationalist in these poems. All have vibrant life in them, bubbling over at the seams.' - Andrew Burke

Poetry for people who are not interested in poetry. More like little stories, insights, and real life experiences.

Only $12.95!

A Novella. Debut publication - 60pgs

Three teenage friends are having the time of their lives. Two guys and a girl in the country. Nothing can wrong. Until it does.​

And sets in motion the next twenty years.

Regret runs deep.

Like a Bottomless River.

Just 11.95

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