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A sick video.

A Video Clip I made from a band out of Melbourne, Australia.

Punk/Metal/Hard Rock, however you want to describe it. Certainly a unique clip and a good song. I don't know what became of them. (more info below video).

W O M N A L Cum Well Hung 1994

This was one of the first video clips I was associated with. The band came to me with their ideas and footage. (I was employed as a videotape operator but I could edit and had access to equipment. All done outside of hours on the sly.) I had creative input too of course. The swirling band footage was my idea because I thought the static images were boring and didn't fit in with the rest. I knew the cello player. Phaedra. She was cool. She in turn, did some work for me on my short films, Born in a Storm and Toil On, Faint Not. It screened on RAGE and I remember being very excited when I saw it go to air. I still like it.


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