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Single white male seeking...

S.W.M. seeking retirement

I am no longer restless

Or eager for the fight

The assholes are running the racket

And for the most part,

Always have.

The tales are told by the victors

This we know

They also ensure that the losers are kept silent

At least in their lifetimes

(Do not open pre death).

I’m weary before my time

If I ever had the energy

Or perhaps it sailed by

Under a lidless sky

And that, dear friend

Was the proverbial boat.

I won’t accept defeat graciously

Nor would it make sense

Not to be embittered

In all its resplendent colours

(Is there anything more vibrant?)

Yet the heat has fallen

From my charged spirit.

All I seek now

Knowing that the past is firmly etched

Is the vacuum of silence

The space to breathe

And the freedom

To grow blissfully bored.

Next week,

Controversial Satire (is there any other kind?)

Have a good week. (and if you don't, fake it).

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