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My Third Nude Shoot

In late May 2020, I took part in my third Photography Shoot with renown artist, Spencer Tunick. It was done online, as part of a ongoing Covid exhibition entitled Life During Wartime. The final images are below.

Third from Left, Third from Bottom, in all three shots.

Also below are the images from the first shoots I took part in. Sydney 2010 and Melbourne 2001. While not quite the amazing experience the first two were, this one was more personal with Spencer talking to us and giving us direction by name.

Melbourne 2001 - Early Sunday morning on the cold wet tram tracks. I'm in the middle towards the front. Freezing but probably the best of the three shoots as it was the first. It was crazy fun.

2010 - I'm at the base of the steps, roughly in the middle. Much warmer.

I feel very fortunate to have taken part in any of his sessions, let alone three over twenty years. However, the way this body is going, I think I'll retire gracefully.


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