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How an 87 yo's dream came to life

The writer and I met during the 2018 season of Short and Sweet Festival. She was acting in her first play. She was 86.

I was directing my play Three Little Words. She told me about a play she was working on and that's how it began. I said I would look over her script. Before you know it, I've taken it onboard and decided to direct it for her. It took a full year to bring it to life. Not without its own dramas, but that's life! It was worth it, just for the look on Teresa's face, which you can see for yourself.

Dress Rehearsal - photo/caption by some 8 year old

A large rat - Technical Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal - The stars April Pressler (L) and Mickey Richards (R)

with their writer, Teresa Plane.

Following the last performance, still in makeup.

Play underway, from the audience

Final night - the actors from all plays thank the audience and crew

Dress Rehearsal

- a small section from each of the plays, plus lead up and post performance

Mickey Richards took the Photograph and I designed the Poster.


That's Teresa in the photograph too.

A look back on Three Little Words

I have a new play opening soon.

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