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Sin Bin - An Offensive Rant

I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this. I came across it in a folder from about 7 years ago.

It's a poem. But not for me to judge. You decide.

Down with Purgatory

(I’m in the Sin Bin – and I like it).

You can dictate the rules

But I don’t play that game

I don’t want to be a part of your nanny state



Pay for your mistakes

You welfare sucking cunt

Suffer and fail

Expect the world to bail you out

White trash blow in boat louts

I focus on what makes me smile

I won’t swallow your bullshit

But I regurgitate your bile.

I don’t donate

I earned that mate

I’m taxed enough

Don’t build your friggin’ shack in the rough

Of a typhoon hunting ground

You got rammed in the mound

Like Darwin declared

We need to eradicate

Jaundiced gene inbred

I butter my own bread

And I’ll take out my trash

If the government does the same

We put you there

You lame incompetent fucks

Anyone can wear a suit and a tie

Jesus, I will cum in your eye

Without so much as an ear tickle

Oh the world’s in a pickle

So they always say

But I’ll keep on getting my way

Because I’m completely fine

Without any divine


From any brain drenched piss ants.

Now I’ll take my leave

Without a skerrick of a fuck

Of what you believe

So dream your butterfly dream

I’ll thaw your ass Ice Queen

And make you hot for daddy.


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