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Rage - Home Stretch to Release

Two stories. Two individuals. One journey. One destiny.

Promotional materials

This is the second novella inside the book.

This is a screenshot of the trailer I've made. It's much different than the pre-release Trailer, with lots of moving video. I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to share it with you!

Speaking of which, here's the Pre-Release Trailer.

Finally, here is the poster which I will release when the book is out. Hopefully a few shops will let me put it up. Otherwise, it could be a sneaky drive around posting it to poles at night! Or maybe I'll print small versions for a letterbox drop. A lot of work I know. Will it make any difference? Hasn't in the past but you never know. It's a different book this time.

Pre-order through and get FREE Shipping! Offer only until book is out.

Plus ALL proceeds to charity! PLUS a free pdf short story emailed straight away. ONLY through my site.

Available Worldwide soon, including in ebook format.

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