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Cynical - From the heart

I'm beginning a new series of Quotes that can be easily copied and shared. Or collected if you wish. I hope you enjoy them. I don't know how many I'll make. We shall see. Depending on your feedback I guess!

The poem below speaks about writing from the heart and staying away from what's popular.

Write or Right

Write more from your life

He said

(Me to Me)

That’s what they want to hear

The ‘real’ truth

Beyond the poetry

Even if the words slice deeper

Than last minute surgery

Though haste often results

In a botch.

The guts of it

Is the genesis for yearning

Personal sacrifice irrelevant

Only intestines torn

And delivered

Is a worthwhile investment

Unless the folly of fashion

Frolics in the coloured pond

The dye of the ‘day’.

You’ll slip to the sidelines

With nothing substantial to cling to

As no one can shoulder sense

Against the Crowd of Now.

Anthony J. Langford Ⓒ 2018

Spleen et ideal by Carlos Schwabe 1907

(The idea for me, is about venting one's spleen, ala passion)

I find a lot of poetry published today has the same type of technical approach. A certain way of phrasing. It's not for me. I generally like to make my poetry about emotion. And most of the time, I hope that it's accessible. Some like to re-edit until it's 'impressive.' Dress to impress. Some write to suit a particular publication, so it will be accepted. Fuck that. For me it's about rhythm and flow, emotion and irony. That's it. I hardly edit. Best to keep it reasonably simple.

Anyway, hope you're well. Say hi if you wish.

Coming next,

A new entry in the Famous After Death series, an artist you may not have heard of. He's certainly unique. Or was.



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