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Novella 2: A new couple struck by tragedy

A Refugee's Rage

Two short novellas in One Book.

The lover's mountain in Caught.

Novella 2: Caught… between love and loss.

Richard’s dream is to get out of the city and build a house in the country. When he meets Rachel, there’s suddenly a reason to stay. Can he convince her to live amongst the beauty of nature? Rachel takes her first step towards this new life, still uncertain of how she feels, until Richard is diagnosed with cancer.

Fate has a way of intervening in all our plans. Are we bound by destiny, or is the future unwritten?

FREE Shipping on pre-orders.

ALL proceeds go to a Refugee Charity.

Coming Soon. Don't miss it!

Please share the image or this post. I'd really appreciate it as word of mouth is what I rely on. Thank you.

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