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Two stories. Two individuals. One journey. One destiny.

1: A Refugee’s Rage.

Overlooked. Unsightly. Unwanted.

A Romanian Refugee in Roma. Surviving, any way he can.

A teenage boy lives in a park in Central Rome. He’s not the only one. There are other homeless foreigners on the streets and many of them are young. Yet an encounter with a Syrian girl will have a powerful impact on his tumultuous life. They are still only two halves of nothing, yet their union will alter both of their lives forever.

'Bad time. Maybe the stars not watch us this day.'

Full Image Coming Soon - Original Artwork by

Next post, Info on Novella No. 2 - in the same book!

2: Caught… between love and loss.

All proceeds from this book bought through my website will be donated to a Refugee Charity.

Please spread the word!

Don't miss it!

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