June 17, 2020


Media Mirage

The Lost Video

Made in 2014. Uploaded 2020*

*I made this little commentary on the scare campaigns of the media back in 2014, with the full intention of posting it. It was relevant at the time.

Being a few months ahead of myself with scheduling posts, by...

May 20, 2020



Wax On, Wrinkles Off

Made from secret ingredients! However... we can tell you this – it contains real DNA! What better way to reverse the ageing process than to add real genes to our genius!

The cells within our bloodstream constantly rejuvenates our skin all t...

April 23, 2020

(Gross Alert - But not too Gross. There's plenty worse. Trust me!)

Live Market - Fast Food Style.

Due to the popularity of the 'Live Market' as seen in parts of Asia, where anything, and everything goes, (sanctioned by the World Health Organisation), the Live Market is c...

March 31, 2020

Not for the overly sensitive + those offended by shadows.

Please support this worthy cause.

In today's world with so many crying out for attention, it's almost understandable that some causes are overlooked. But we know you're the caring type. Like you, we can't passive...

March 24, 2020


Online pornography sites have seen a 3235% rise in subscriptions. They are putting out a massive call for new content. They are literally begging for it. All you need is a phone and a connection and you too, can be a porn star!

Couples. Get busy. They want you!

Do the ...

November 11, 2019

Brexiteers: The Final Solution

This story first appeared in the Telegraph Post, November 29, 2019

by Robert Mandel, UK

'It was looked great for the protest. Now what the fuck do we do with it?

Unable to agree on whether to leave the European Union or not, Britain has opte...

Call me The Climate Combatant 

On the way to the Protest, I knew my headache was caused from lack of caffeine, so I got a take away coffee, plus a bottle of coke and a bottle of water. It was going to be a two hour rally, so had to keep my fluids up.

Not long after I got...