February 27, 2020


Belong and Do No Wrong

New Audio Poem


source: www.deviantart.com/nickbleb/art/Safety-In-Numbers-826734109

February 20, 2020



Getting old ain’t for the faint hearted. Someone famous said that, credited to Bette Davis I believe but it really is very tough work for many. Decaying and weakening body. Illnesses. Diseases. Dementia. Weak heart. Failing memory. Any number of problems. Even los...

February 13, 2020

Pot Boiler

He sat


Wired up

Shirt like Ken Done vomit

I fell into his catchment

Before grasping how pissed he was

Soon to be the pall bearer

Of his streamlined vitriol

Carried conveyor belt like

Into my awareness

As the wards of vengeance waterfalled

Smashing on rocks


February 1, 2020

A 7 year old girl waits to be collected after school. Nobody comes. What happened to them? What did she do next?

What happens to her?

Why 14 years?

It's actually 16 years, as I waited two years for the film to finish all of it's festival applications. It got into Los An...

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May 29, 2019

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