Famous After Death -  Henry Darger

A controversial figure whose work might not have seen the light of day had it been discovered in recent times. Not only visual art but fiction too. The work is quite bizarre. Much of his paintings represent angels as naked children, though there is no sexual suggestions of any kind. War is part of the subject matter and permeates the work. He wanted to protected neglected children and often wrote himself into the narrative of his massive output of writings. His major work, In the Realms of the Unreal is over a staggering 15,000 pages long. The Vivian Girls Have a look at the below images, which were done on massive canvases, then track down a great documentary, In the Realms of the Unreal.

Cynical - From the heart

I'm beginning a new series of Quotes that can be easily copied and shared. Or collected if you wish. I hope you enjoy them. I don't know how many I'll make. We shall see. Depending on your feedback I guess! The poem below speaks about writing from the heart and staying away from what's popular. Write or Right Write more from your life He said (Me to Me) That’s what they want to hear The ‘real’ truth Beyond the poetry Even if the words slice deeper Than last minute surgery Though haste often results In a botch. The guts of it Is the genesis for yearning Personal sacrifice irrelevant Only intestines torn And delivered Is a worthwhile investment Unless the folly of fashion Frolics in the colour

Nostalgia Video Series - Sydney 1940's

Nostalgia Video #6 / 10 Footage sourced from a home movie of an American tourist in Sydney. That is why it has the unique titles. Quite inventive. They must have been quite well off to produce something like this at that time. (May contain images of deceased Aboriginal persons) Re-edited by myself with additional music. Don't miss the Final Four. The best is yet to come! Nostalgia Video In Adelaide. A photographic journey of the Inner West of Sydney over several decades. Fascinating! Plus Nostalgia Video set in Brisbane and Melbourne. Catch up! Number 1 Melbourne 1910 - 1930's here Number 2 Pictures of Old Sydney here Number 3, Baby Boomers here Number 4, Old British Cinemas here Number 5, U

Novella 2: A new couple struck by tragedy

A Refugee's Rage Two short novellas in One Book. Novella 2: Caught… between love and loss. Richard’s dream is to get out of the city and build a house in the country. When he meets Rachel, there’s suddenly a reason to stay. Can he convince her to live amongst the beauty of nature? Rachel takes her first step towards this new life, still uncertain of how she feels, until Richard is diagnosed with cancer. Fate has a way of intervening in all our plans. Are we bound by destiny, or is the future unwritten? FREE Shipping on pre-orders. ALL proceeds go to a Refugee Charity. https://www.anthonyjlangfordbooks.com/ Coming Soon. Don't miss it! Please share the image or this post. I'd really appreciat

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